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I’m the CEO of a company—why waste my time and blow-dry my hair and go out with someone I can’t talk to?

Obviously I’ve had conversations with people on the phone that are great, then met them and wanted jump out the window.

Here are the new rules of courtship, according to relationship experts.

And here’s how to make sure you’re sending the right vibes with your body language.

The reality is that these people watching don’t even give a fuck.

You don't need to know every pickup-artist gimmick and trick under the sun.

You don't have to be the best pickup artist in the world and use advanced tactics to get results.

Show that you share common goals, values and core ideas. What is most important to her than anything else in the entire world? Men spout random bullshit during conversation attempting to connect with women on an intimately emotional level and then get surprised that it doesn't work. That's what being a nice guy beta provider leads to. Practice with everyone who you interact with to develop positive habits, so it will be automatic when you meet the girl that you actually like.

Then speak passionately about that subject from an authoritative & competent point of view. Just because you care about her doesn't mean that you should be a spineless doormat. Remember: your habits and personality follow you everywhere you go.

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