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Once you register online or via the Bluebird Mobile App we will send your Personalized Bluebird Card to the address you provided. If you have not received your Card(s) within 14 days, please call us. Boxes, FPO, APO, Vermont residents, or outside the United States (with the exception of Puerto Rico or U. You must activate it according to the instructions on the Card.Come to think of it, I preserved that dummy card for an unusual amount of time 🙂 Fast forward to 2008 (Canada) and I was given a corporate card for work travel, first ever Amex card with my name on it, the American Express® Green Card nonetheless.My mind raced back to the wallet in India, with a similar sense of excitement.

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For some reason the site is very popular in Colombia, with one in five users coming from the home of the old marching powder.That I had it linked to my personal Membership Rewards (MR) account, also helped :).Not only was I using my card for regular work expenses, I was using it across the globe!In 2017, Amex Canada had added 70,000 new places that accepted American Express® cards, in addition to the ones that did before.Between my personal Gold and Cobalt cards, Amex was my primary card and I never found myself at a check-out counter asking “Do you accept Amex? Not just that, the generous bonus categories helped me earn the points much quicker.

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