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During the course of the strip, a running sub-plot involving a rogue Krybot who had become self-aware and rebelled against Grumm gradually unfolded, he would resurface to warn SPD of Grumm's invasion attempt in the final story and supply Jack with a device that once inserted on the Terror, would incapacitate the Krybot fleet.

Unlike "Endings", Jack does not leave the team, in another change, the Rangers do not decline the position of A-Squad (in the season, the rank of A-Squad was discarded in light of the previous team tarnishing it with their treacherous ways).

After graduating in Business Marketing, Chris decided to explore his passion for the arts and focus on becoming an entertainer.

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A satire is probably the most difficult thing to achieve in cinema.

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CAST Matt Frewer (Lawnmower Man 2) Mary Gross (Sabrina: TTW) Kevin Mundy (Firewall) Reagan Pasternak (Being Erica) Alycia Purrott (Power Rangers SPD) Scott Mc Cord (16 Blocks) Mo Gaffney (That 70s Show) Melody Johnson (Goosebumps) I wanted to see Jailbait to see the actress Alycia Purrott from Power Rangers SPD.

I was instantly sucked into the deeply effective editing and camera work involved, along with the very satirical directing and performances.

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