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With the exception of his friend, John Quincy Adams, Richard Rush had the most distinguished public career of any son of the Founders (his father, Benjamin, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence).He served as Comptroller of the Treasury, Attorney General, acting Secretary of State (he negotiated the Rush-Bagot Agreement, which demilitarized the Great Lakes), Minister to Great Britain, Secretary of the Treasury, Vice Presidential candidate, commissioner to receive the bequest of James Smithson, and Minister to France.That limitation had not stopped dozens of other Civil War veterans from rushing to publish their views, most of which often offered little more than an elaborate score-settling with their critics and other veterans. In March 1889, a hurricane destroyed or disabled three American warships in the Samoan harbor of Apia, where they had been deployed to support the United States in a political dispute with Britain and Germany over the status of the islands.The accident left the United States without any effective naval force in the Pacific and revealed the weaknesses of the existing fleet, as the old warships had been unable to get to sea and ride out the storm.And that promise became one of territorial expansion the moment Americans began to head west past the bounds of the Mississippi.

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A perfect political storm did seem to favor their cause.We catalog important debates and dissenting statements to American strategy, such as the Hamilton-Madison argument over the proper role of the executive in foreign policy, Lincoln’s protest against the Mexican-American War, and the U. , published in Philadelphia in January 1776, is properly recognized as a major turning point in the American Revolution.Paine effectively publicized the basic argument that Patriots like John Adams and Richard Henry Lee had been making privately in the Continental Congress – that the cause of the British North American colonies could be achieved only by declaring their independence from Great Britain, and not through continued attempts at reconciliation with the home country.The new President, Benjamin Harrison, was a big-navy advocate and for the first time since 1875, the Republican Party enjoyed clear majorities in both Houses of Congress. : “That which I deplore, and which is a sober, just, and reasonable cause of deep national concern, is that the nation neither has nor cares to have its sea frontier so defended, and its navy of such power, as shall suffice, with the advantages of our position, to weigh seriously when inevitable discussions arise.” A prolific writer, Mahan became one of the most famous naval and sea power prophets of the late nineteenth century.Concerned with the United States’ place in the world, Mahan wrote to influence both policymakers and common Americans.

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