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In 1995, friends (38%) were the most popular way partners met one another, and online (2%) was the least popular.By 2000, online accounted for 10% of the pie, and 22% by 2010.

You can see a compilation of these profiles here if you’re in the mood to cringe with embarrassment.According to stats, the busiest time of the year, or “peak season,” is between December 26 and February 14 in terms of messages sent and dates arranged.More specifically, “Dating Sunday” is the most popular day, falling on January 7 in 2017. Due to fears over online dating safety, a controversial law was proposed in the US that would force dating websites to make all users do police and background checks. For such a short-reigning king, Edward VIII of the United Kingdom left behind no shortage of controversy. Interested parties would call a toll-free number provided if they were interested, and leave a message in their potential lover’s mailbox.1980s video dating services were another predecessor to online dating, where people paid to visit a studio and record a few minutes of footage for their profile.

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