Ajax update panel image while updating Adult chat on messege

Now When I try to refresh the image inside the click even handler of Link button by calling Update Panel.Update, the image is not getting refreshed properly.I have a quotation app that has been developed using C#, ASP.net, and AJAX.The user enters a number of panels and a number of I/O points for each panel, and this app calculated the best combination of controllers for that input.

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Edit: And please close this thread out by marking whichever reply helped.Hello All, I wrote a simple to logic to refresh the image in Image Control.I have placed this image control, a Link button inside update Panel.So problem is still on setting updatepanle postback trigger is meant for doing the complete page refresh... since image is getting updated in FF and chrome i suspect it is because of IE cahcin the image... add below line of code in page_load of the codebehind...

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