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An online survey of 2058 MSM in France included assessments of UAI with partners met online, responses to erotic chatting about UAI, intentions to use condoms, attitudes regarding UAI, practicing UAI with casual partners, alcohol and drug use with sex and biographical characteristics.

While intentions to use condoms with casual partners were high, one-third (32.1%) of respondents reported UAI with partners met online.

Responding positively to online chatting about UAI was significantly associated with UAI with partners met online, controlling for intentions, attitudes, behavior and biographic characteristics.

These findings suggest that, while MSM may not go online to seek UAI, some engage in online fantasizing about UAI that is associated with possible sexual risk-taking.

This may also pertain to explorations of UAI, as reflected in the observed linking of barebacking to the Internet [29].

Ross further notes that, while the actors in online erotic chatting may not perceive that they are engaging in real behavior as there is no direct physical contact, the crystallization of their fantasies in the texts that constitute the vehicle for their interaction is akin to the joint construction of a script [1].

In-depth interviews with a subsample of participants further showed that some MSM mitigate the risk of HIV transmission through the reflexive use of online profiles, which may include expressions of safer sex intentions and enables the filtering of partners of the same serostatus for UAI [29].

As Davis [29] note, how the use of the Internet to find sex partners may be associated with sexual practices and risk for HIV transmission among MSM is not well understood.

Moreover, in the current HIV epidemic some MSM may not hold categorical, pre-determined safer sex intentions, and may be open to engaging in UAI, when the perceived risk of HIV transmission is low.Dual-systems theorizing of behavior in social psychology assumes that human behaviors are a joint function of reflective and impulsive processes [35, 36], and each of these systems of processes may be implicated in the possible association between sexual scripts that are generated during online erotic chatting and sexual practices in real life.One explanation, drawing on the role of reflective processes, is that in the course of the online chat actors decide or form an intention to engage in UAI [35, 36].This decision may reflect additional, risk-relevant information men have exchanged and/or the accelerated intimacy and rapid development of trust afforded by the sharing of intimate details in online chatting [1,6].Another explanation, drawing on the role of impulsive processes, is that UAI in real life can be implicitly produced by the sexual scripts, without intending to enact it, through the automatic activation of behavioral schemata [35, 36].

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