Afron dating updating daily cartoons

The couple were seen holding hands while leaving a Halloween party in L. and later seen attending a Dodgers baseball game in mid-October.

The pair shared pictures on their Instagram accounts throughout their relationship, but the pictures were soon deleted following their breakup in April 2016.

The young actors met on the set during filming and were every teenager’s favorite couple.The pair has posted on social media about each other and their flirty nature in interviews further sparked rumors that the co-stars were dating.At the MTV Movie Awards, Alexandra commented that the two have great chemistry but are just great friends.Her character, Ilsa Faust is a former M16 who helps Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt with his mission.She gushed about her costar to Elle, saying, “Tom just in general is not known to be as funny as he is. When you have him and Simon Pegg on set, sometimes it’ll be hard. But [Tom] is to be known as such a wonderful, happy dude.”According to the National Enquirer, Cruise has his eyes set on his costar in a romantic way.

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