Advice for dating single dads body language mirroring dating

When I have my kids, I don’t have (and won’t make) the time for long conversations on the phone, or long SMS exchanges, or any kind of dating activity.That can mean nights and days and full weekends where someone will need to be ok with a brief message here and there.And until then, being someone who’s content and able to be on their own is a pretty good example to be setting too, as my kids will likely experience both of these situations later in their own lives.Not just the usual ‘feeling out’ period of any new thing — but a longer and deeper ‘assessment period’.

By all means it’d be wonderful if they can be a friend to my kids and a support to me.From being protective of their kids to just looking after their own heart, JC Clapham outlines the real reasons a single dad might baulk at dating again. That term can mean a few different things, and it carries a few different types of what some would call ‘baggage’.Yes it means I’m a dad and I do the dadding on my own without a partner.In the years since my marriage to my kids’ mother ended, I’ve introduced them to two partners, both of whom I thought would be around for the long term.On each occasion there were a few months of privately enjoying being in a new relationship, before first mentioning, then gently introducing, the woman to my kids.

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