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In this book you’ll learn the syntax of the Java programming language, which can be used for programming most types of applications.And for many years the Java programming language has been one of the world’s most popular computer languages.Notepad, Text Edit et al.) to type the code for our first Java program.Afterwards, save the code in a text file with a name ending in to refer to a program.JRE is included in JDK, but can be downloaded separately as well. You’ll see all system variables that exist in your OS As shown on the screenshot Windows OS - System Variables.If you have administrator’s rights onto your Windows PC, you can set user variables that will apply only when a certain user logs into your PC, or system variables that will apply to all users.Some programming languages are great for running on the server and handling thousands of users’ requests.

These Internet-connected things can be programmed in Java. With so many million of professional Java programmers in the world, you’ll find lots of sample program online so if you’re run into a problem, you can either find the solution by searching or ask in one of the popular online forums like Stack Overflow, and someone will probably answer your question!

Without applications, computers, smartphones, and game consoles would have very limited use for most people.

Computing devices usually come with an Operational System (OS) installed such as Windows, Mac OS, i OS, and Android, but imagine an i Phone that has no applications at all or a laptop that can only show the OS logo. Programmers create applications using different programming languages such as Java, Python, C , Java Script, C, and many others.

As a matter of fact, Java programs don’t care what device they’re running on because they run inside a kind of virtual hardware called a virtual machine.

We’ll talk about the Java Virtual Machine a bit later in this chapter.

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