Adult website scams earn money dating site

The most common online scams to look out for include: Computer viruses (sometimes called malware) are rogue programs which can spread from one computer to another.

You may be sent an email with an attachment which when you click on it will release a virus.

Email and online shopping can make our lives a lot easier, but they also create new opportunities for fraud.

Online scams are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated, so it's good to know how to keep yourself safe.

This is a common phone scam – hang up straight away.

Scammers can create fake websites which look official requesting you to provide personal or financial information.

False and misleading claims may be made about medical-related products, such as miracle health cures, and fake online pharmacies may offer medicines cheaply.

There are also websites which are set up to look like a copy of a service offered by government websites.

For example, there are websites which offer to help you apply for a passport renewal or a new driving licence.

You can download these programs from the internet or visit a retail computer store for guidance.

Your internet service provider might also offer security software as part of your internet deal.

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