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Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his family behind the “Hidden Hand”, it is the sign of Jahbuhlum, the sacred God of Freemason.

It was an act that made no sense at that time under the circumstances.[11] On February 11, 2011, late Friday evening VP Omar Suleiman appeared on state television and announced that Mubarak resigned and that he had authorized the Egyptian Supreme Council of Armed Forces to take over the country.

Instant pandemonium broke out among protestors all over the country.[12] The Gate’s Strategic Surprise, Murabak Resigns Now everything is crystal clear.

Jahbuhlun is known to the Masons as the “The Lost Name of God.” As the Egyptian Revolution played out, it was to be one of the most important human events of the 21 Century.

Egypt is a major power in Africa, the Mediterranean region, Middle East and the Islamic world.

He also expressed regret over protesters’ deaths.[10] On February 11, 2011, Friday, Mubarak suddenly went back on Egyptian National Television and announced, “I can not and will not accept to be dictated orders from outside, no matter what the source is…” Mubarak’s televised speech surprised and engaged protestors throughout the country.If the council did not hold elections within 6 months, it would rule Egypt ad infinitum.On February 14, 2011, Monday, the Egyptian people woke up to FRANK WISNER, Jr. Senators Joe “Tel Aviv” Lieberman (I-Conn.), and John “The Bizarre” Mc Cain (R-Ariz.) traveled to Egypt and gave their hypocritical seal of approval to its military dicatorship rule.I therefore believe that President Mubarak’s continued leadership is critical.”[8] -Robert Gates, Former CIA Chief, U. Secretary of Defense[9] February 10, 2011, late Thursday night, the 17th day of protests against his rule, Mubarak appeared on Egyptian National Television that greatly angered Egyptians calling for his ouster.He said that Egypt is heading “day after day” to a peaceful transfer of power and he was committed to protect the constitution until that happens.

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