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to Lucy Dunton Rogers – Date of Marriage; – Daughter of John T. Mapp, George Walter to Georgie Richardson Quinby – Date of Marriage; in PE and 27 in NL – Daughter of late Upshur B. Mapp, George to Lucy Roberts – Date of Marriage – On Wednesday at home of Bride in Nassaadox – ESH p3 c1. Mapp, George Walter to Miss Mildred Townsend Aydelotte – Date of Marriage; Wednesday – Married at Whatcoat Methodist Episcopal Church, Snow Hill, Md.

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Ames – Date of Marriage; 29 Nov and 6 or – Daughter of George S. Upshur Mapp – (Dates different in Papers) – PE , PE & BHFF . to Annie Edmonds – Date of Marriage; – Father of William E.

Mapp of Savage’s Neck, near Esatville – ESH p3 c4. Ames Mapp – Date of Marriage; – At Johnsontown, Methodist Church, Rev.

Wyatt – Date of Marriage; Not Given – Daughter of William J.

Rooker John White – Date of Marriage; – Bride, daughter of Dr.

Mapp, Johnsontown; Sister of Birtha Mapp – PE , NL & NL .

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