Adult chat firing ibm man over room sues

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Court papers arguing the motion for summary judgment will be exchanged next month.

A man sues a teen for running over his duffel bag, and the boy counter sues, saying he was publicly humiliated; a woman says a former friend conned her into letting him fix her car and sues him for towing fees and parts.Stanford University issued a nationwide study last year that found that up to 14 percent of computer users reported neglecting work, school, families, food and sleep to use the Internet. Elias Aboujaoude, said then that he was most concerned about the numbers of people who hid their nonessential Internet use or used the Internet to escape a negative mood, much in the same way that alcoholics might.Until he was fired, Pacenza was making ,000 a year operating a machine at a plant in East Fishkill that makes computer chips."Plaintiff was discharged by IBM because he visited an Internet chat room for a sexual experience during work after he had been previously warned," the company said.IBM also said sexual behavior disorders are specifically excluded from the ADA and denied any age discrimination.

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