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Texas also offers a robust consumer directed program for non-Medicaid eligible individuals called the Texas Community Attendant Services Program.

In certain areas of the state, an alternative to the CBA Waiver exists called the STAR PLUS Waiver.

If one spouse of the couple is not seeking Medicaid, the resource limit is elevated considerably.

The "community", or non-Medicaid seeking spouse is permitted to retain up to 7,240.

Options for Individuals Over the Limits Unlike many states, Texas does not have a Medically Needy Medicaid program which allows persons with unusually high medical expenses to qualify.

Therefore persons, over the limits who hope to qualify must re-allocate their finances into special trusts.

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All former participants in the Community Based Alternative Waiver now receive services through the STAR PLUS Managed Care Medicaid waiver instead.

2013 Texas Medicaid Resource Limits For individuals, the limit is ,000 and for couples it is ,000.

These figures do not include resources such as the primary residence, vehicle or final expense trusts.

One common approach is to make use of an irrevocable funeral trust which helps individuals within ,000 of Medicaid's asset limit.

While neither of these techniques is especially complicated, it is very easy to make an error and disqualify oneself for Medicaid.

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