A pigeon dating sim dating not on internet

[Image Library##335214/Any##Title¬Nude Men##Description¬Okosan won't be defined by your social clothing constructs!

##Credit©Mediatonic / Devolver Digital]Ignore the tsunami of video game hype about to rush out of E3 -- no matter what Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo have to offer, nothing will compare to the flight of fancy that is -- a pun on "heartful" and Hato Moa, the developer -- is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a Japanese game.

He's more like a brother, anything more would be weird. No one else seemed to want to work with him, so getting the second-in-command gig came by default. These puns are already turning me into a raven lunatic.

I know he's stuck up, pompous and driven completely by his out of control ego, but Sakuya is much my kind of avian... All fantail pigeons look nice, but Sakuya is something else. The pudding mystery is solved, some bird called Okosan is obsessed with the stuff. I help him mark some of the freshman's exam papers, although I ended up doing most of the work because he kept falling asleep. There's no doubt that he's a nice bird, but how did he even get this job..?

Certainly, I'm a lot bigger than them and don't share a lot of same worries. Not a problem I've had before, makes it difficult to relate sometimes.

The games are sort of like choose-your-own-adventure anime-style romances, and they can range from very sweet and innocent to extraordinarily not safe for work. And, because they're fiction, they don't always have to make a lot of logical sense.

Although, there's plenty of birds here vying for my attention.

I like to think it's because I'm a nice person, but it's probably because I've got teeth and that makes me different.

That makes my entire situation different, my entire reality.

Anyone watching me would think this is all crazy, but it kinda makes sense when you experience it. Despite knowing Ryouta for such a long time I'm not attracted to him. I think he's gone through some bad times, though, which is why he's so snobbish to everybirdie.

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