80 s dating

You have hours to kill until he calls.1980: He calls during dinner and your dad tells your maybe, hopefully new boyfriend to call back in an hour.You pull the phone into a closet exactly an hour later and jump when it rings. You repeatedly establish that you both are “fine” and doing “nothing.” He asks you to go to a movie Friday night.2018: Before his call, you move around the room picking the ideal Face Time view. Just you with your photo collages in the background. You agree but don’t make plans because OBS POA’s are lame.You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.Here is a glimpse at dating on the high school circuit in 1980 and how it compares with dating today.1980: See cute boy in school. The clicking of the keyboard, whoosh of a sent text and new text notification are the only sounds. Methodically flip to every black-and-white photo of him. Imagine sitting in the bleachers cheering him on as he lowers his tinted aviator sunglasses to wink at you.22018: Pull out i Pad. Notice that he has posted shots wearing at least three different baseball uniforms.On a trip to the bathroom, you text the few that aren’t. You look amazing together, just like Kanye and Kim.You can’t wait to go home and track how many likes the picture gets. Teen dating may have changed over the last few decades but having your friends as wingmen has, apparently, survived the times.No one who lived during the 80s knew it would become such an iconic decade. Your partner may have recorded favorite TV series like “Knight Rider,” “The A-Team,” and “Miami Vice.” Does it get any better?! Take a trip down memory lane as you hear forgotten favorites: The Human League, Bananarama, Sheena Easton, and Adam Ant. Relive your glory days by watching famed 80s flicks. You could do worse than emulating the characters in “ An Officer and a Gentleman,” “Top Gun,” “Roxanne,” or “The Princess Bride.” 10. Pull out all your best (or worst) 80s slang, like, “Grody to the max .

You leave the house promising to text your mom and let her know the plan.1980: You have no idea whether You can’t wait to tell your friends about it when you go roller skating on Saturday morning.2018: Your friends are with you on the date.

I mean, he might be Googling you too.1980: Next day at school, your friend, who is friends with his friend, asks if your crush has a girlfriend. Distract yourself reading a .2018: Next day at school, your friend texts him mentioning you might think he’s cool. Scribble your phone number on spiral paper, fold into a small triangle and give to your friend to pass to his friend to pass to him.2018: At lunch, your friend texts hottie’s contact info to you. Time to start a Snapchat streak ASAP1980: At home, you wait by the phone for his call. You are apoplectic, picturing your hunk getting a busy signal and giving up.

You have no way of knowing if he called unless everyone stays off the phone and you never leave the house.

Dig out your old linen pastel blazer (with sleeves rolled up), acid-washed jeans, sequined glove, off-the-shoulder “Flashdance” sweatshirt, Members Only jacket, and anything neon.

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