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You don’t have to be like most people who get into swinging, who do it all wrong. If you can nail this, you’ll be opening up a whole new and exciting world for yourself, and for your partner if you have one.

Basically, in order to avoid some of the biggest, most egregious mistakes that people make when getting into swinging, remember to be respectful of wishes of people in the community.

Launched in 2009, True Swingers has helped thousands of swingers meet through our 100% free online video chat.

You can also search, view profiles and contact other swingers for free.

Remember, the community isn’t just the people who support you, but the ones you want to swing with as well!

If you come off too rough, you’re going to have issues.

Remember that most of the people you’re going to be meeting have been in the scene for quite some time.

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Whether you’re new to the scene or experienced in the lifestyle, Love Voodoo has been organizing lifestyle hookups for over a decade.

If not, you’re going to be back at square one, wondering why no one wants to sleep with you.

Here are the basic points of our guide, geared at new swingers.

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