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gone also the lore of superstitions and meanings so closely associated with etiquette.One of the easiest ways to decipher the treatment of women and LGBT folks during certain time periods in our society is by taking a look at the most popular relationship advice from the era.Entering universities and workplaces meant that the perfect housewife was no longer as relevant — and relationship advice started reflecting that for the first time.By the 1980s, there may have been less relationship advice focused on domesticity, but that doesn't mean gender stereotypes were not still present in the guidance offered to young women.When we were once told how to cook a meal for our husbands, we are now offered guidance on emoji selection and picture curation for our online dating profiles.

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And when she does cook, she should cook, and not be, as somebody said, a mere can opener."So in the early 1960s, all of that perfect housewife stuff continued.

The only good wife was one who understood that her job was to please her husband, not seek intellectual or career satisfaction — otherwise, she may emasculate him. Psych Central quotes a marriage advice book from the post-WWII decade, which read:"To be a successful wife is a career in itself, requiring among other things, the qualities of a diplomat, a businesswoman, a good cook, a trained nurse, a schoolteacher, a politician and a glamour girl."In addition to obviously being heteronormative AF, marriage advice from the era placed all responsibility for marital success on the woman.

And how a woman would foster a successful marriage was literally by being quiet (especially DON'T NAG when your husband comes home — your problems are "trivial" compared to any man's.) And also by ensuring that her husband always had a fully prepared and home-cooked meal when he arrived home from work.

Q Dear Miss Abigail: I’ve heard that dressy gloves are really in at the present. Jordan: Betcha didn’t think that I’d have a booklet all about gloves! was published by the Hansen Glove Corporation (and written by Edith Heal) in 1961. At one time a slap of the glove was an insult, a glove tossed at the foot of an enemy a challenge, and the man who wished to pay homage did so by offering his glove on bended knee.

Since I’ve never had occasion to wear them, I’d like to know if they’re taken off for dinner, and where the proper place to lay them would be? I don’t see anything about the placement of your gloves at dinner, but hopefully these general guidelines will help you make some wise decisions about wearing gloves at any occasion. Today, it is natural to find rules of conduct relaxing in tune with more casual living. in that early Age of Queens, a lady-in-waiting was expected to remove her gloves in the presence of the Queen, and in turn, she expected those in lower positions than her own to remove their gloves in her presence. But even in our streamlined society, there is plenty of evidence that tradition has strongly influenced the etiquette of wearing gloves.

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