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Now, it serves as inspiration for teachers and students to incorporate all kinds of social change into the adult education agenda.

Readership is by paid subscription only, and the online version of the magazine is available to members only.

Therefore, topics range from resources and tips to commentary, as long as it’s interesting to people trying to leverage the Internet for their business.

There are two formats: blog posts and lists, both of which must be 1500 words.

As you can tell from the name, this site targets people trying to earn an income online.I know that typically we talk about guest posting sites or how to guest post but I want to switch it up in this post.If you’re a freelance writer, especially if you’re just starting out, you’re probably constantly facing the hurdle of finding ways to get paid to blog.Getting paid as a writer is hard at first, especially when you don’t know where to find the good jobs or clients.If your business hasn’t made a name for itself, a great way to get recognized (and get paid) is to write for other people’s blogs.

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